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I have known artist Kandi Everett since our days at Punahou together. She has never been a conventional artist and has always been an uber-talented one. For 34 years she was a respected (one could say legendary) Honolulu tattoo artist. I then knew her as a print artist, constantly experimenting with unusual methods of getting ink
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  Timothy Ojile of Makiki is the quintessential artist. Art has been, and always will be, his life. His approach to art is decidedly individualistic, as is his approach to teaching art. His mark making tells a story and delves deep into the ideas that are inspiring him. That’s why it is endlessly interesting to
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      Fishcake, a Kaka’ako gallery and interior design emporium, will host an impromptu fundraiser called “Artists for Japan,” organized by Island artist Diane Nushida-Tokuno for the Japan earthquake/tsunami relief effort. The dates are April 14 through 30. Local artists are responding to Japan’s needs by putting pens, paints, pencils and prints to paper.
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