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Posted on December 24th, 2012 by paularath

  The angels on top of our Christmas tree and adorning our Christmas dinner table have a special meaning for me this year. Last week I baked cookies and Pumpkin Spice Bread for my incredible neurosurgeon, Dr. Mark Gerber. He reminded me how fortunate we were in the early morning of March 2, 2012. “We
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Posted on May 16th, 2012 by paularath

It’s a different sort of birthday, the first one following a life threatening injury. It’s all about gratitude. Not gratitude for gifts or good wishes alone, but a bigger sense of gratitude and appreciation for every moment life brings. It’s amazing to be sitting here at my computer, gazing out at Jerry’s Zen garden, writing
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Posted on April 10th, 2012 by paularath

Yes, “Frickin’ awesome!” is what Dr. Mark Gerber, my brilliant neurosurgeon shouted (in the style of a cheer at a football game) ┬áthe first time I lifted my left leg in Straub’s ICU. It was a cheer heard throughout the ICU and it sh00k my world. It signaled the possibility of a return to normalcy,
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