October 2nd, 2022 / posted by paularath

“Our” little piggy family at the corner of Pali Highway and Waokanaka Street. Photo by Jerry Mayfield

When we began our house hunting expedition in 1989, we drew a four-mile radius around Straub Clinic & Hospital. Jerry was on call as an orthopedic surgeon pretty frequently then, and he couldn’t stray too far from the hospital. So naturally we came to think of our home in upper Nuuanu as an urban environment. It’s lovely and serene and rainforest-like, but it’s really not far at all from the busy heart of Honolulu.

Recently, however, our neighborhood feels quite rural, and even, at times, a little bit wild. Why? Because a family (or families) of wild pigs has taken up residence on our street.

At first we saw a single sow with some of her piglets – sometimes as many as five at a time. Apparently this little family enjoyed foraging in our next door neighbors’ yard. They only came up our front walkway once, and they didn’t even nibble on our mondo grass or clamber on our rocks. I guess they found it boring.

They never seem to be in the same groups or configurations. Sometimes just two or three little piglets on their own; other times a sow with five or six in tow. They have been visiting Waokanaka Street long enough that we’re pretty sure there have been two and maybe even three litters. There are teenage-looking pigs and teensy little ones. They come in various colors, from deep black to pale tan.

It’s really hysterical when one or two tiny piglets decide to wallow and create a lovely mud bath in the lawn by the brass Nuuanu sign. There’s so much pleasure in these unexpected moments life offers us!

Paula Rath

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