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Rumi Murakami’s Anna Shirt in white     Photo courtesy Rumi Murakami

The Great White Shirt has a prime place in my wardrobe, and I’m guessing it’s way up there in nearly everyone’s wardrobe, male or female.

This staple gives you a tried-and-true option – a no-brainer which can come in handy when we’re short on time or simply can’t decide what to wear. The classic white shirt has timeless appeal. And regardless of your signature style, there’s a Great White Shirt to suit you.

Man of Style Andy Reilly of the U.H.-Manoa Fashion Design and Merchandising Department, loves his Rumi Murakami Docomomo Shirt…in white, of course!

It can take a lot of searching to find the perfect Great White Shirt. (It took me years!) But once you do find it you will want it in every color!

My classic favorite for the past few years has been the Anna shirt by Rumi Murakami http://www.rumimurakami.com I have two of them, in case one happens to be stuck in my ironing hamper. (Yes, I’m a dinosaur and I enjoy ironing a Great White Shirt to have a crisp look. (But I have worn my Anna shirt without ironing it and it’s great that way too.) I style it by rolling up the sleeves a bit. It’s easy to accessorize with a necklace, choker or pendant under or over the neckline and it’s bracelet friendly. It’s great with jeans, leggings or a skirt.

My favorite GWS is the Anna by Rumi Murakami. My necklace is also by a local designer, a gorgeous pearl Waterfall by Lynda Caris of Muse IX Designs. The pearl earrings are also Lynda’s. She sells her exquisite jewelry at Nohea Gallery in Kahala Mall. Photo by Jerry Mayfield

I highly recommend trying on any potential Great White Shirt, or any garment you are considering, for that matter. And be sure to look at both the front and the back. Just pre-Covid, I was in Cos on Regent Street in London and I was in a rush and didn’t try on the white shirt I bought. When I got home I realized that the back is a different fabric than the front, and it’s diaphanous. That means I have to wear a cami under it, which was not my intention and the result is that I seldom wear it.

As always, I leave you with my refrain: Shop local and buy local! When it comes to fashion, our local designers offer a fantastic array of garments and accessories! And as we know, they aren’t just wild prints and cliched silhouettes! Even our most beloved classics can start right here in a local designer’s studio.

Paula Rath

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