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These boots are made for Norwegian winter weather.

Jerry and I are going on an international trip for the first time in nearly three years. We’re really thrilled at the prospect, although trying to keep up with the Covid protocols, which seem to change every week for European countries, has been a challenge and a bit stressful.

Our travel plans include Norway and England, each of which offers its own set of clothing issues.  Norway in February, London in March – Yikes!

What to wear? What to pack? What shape is my long underwear in after all these years? Will my coat be warm enough for frigid Oslo? Will my raincoat adequately protect me in Bergen’s rain? Shall I take my swimsuit in case the cruise ship has a lovely indoor pool as we sail in search of the Northern Lights? How chilly will London be and do I have the right footwear to walk those beloved streets?

Well, all of those questions were answered without too much difficulty. With some shopping in my closet, I only had to buy a few new pieces to meet most needs. But, what about boots? The only “boots” I own are some ankle-high Arcopedicos that offer no warmth whatsoever. Our Norwegian friend, Erik Holtedahl, strongly suggested warm waterproof boots with a cozy fur lining. Of course I tried to shop locally first, as I always do. But oh my, there are slim pickins for real winter boots. And OMG, they are so expensive!

Then I tried online, and every time I found an appropriate – and attractive – pair – they were sold out in my size.

I happened to mention my dilemma to our neighbor, Chelsea Haina, who asked what size I wear. Wow! Turns out we wear the same size, and Chelsea is an incredibly generous person who did a lot of skiing prior to giving birth to toddler Walden. Problem solved! I am borrowing a beautiful pair of “Ohana Boots”!

Way back in 1999 I wrote a story called “All in the Coat Ohana.” It’s about various groups of island women who love to travel but hate to spend a lot of money on things they will wear only once or twice. Instead, they generously share coats, jackets, rain gear, and, yes, even boots, with family and friends who are traveling to cold climes. Some smart moms also create huis to pass along snow suits, ski gear and winter wardrobes of all sort among their children.

Ohana clothing and accessories is a great concept and a boon to the budget.

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