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Introducing my treasured Greek sandals, acquired at the tiny shop of a cobbler on the Aegean island of Paros, in Greece, in 2011. They feature a highly functional zipper on the back and they have. amazingly, survived the Nuuanu weather. Of course I do try to treat them well, as they represent a wonderful time spent with Jerry and Duncan.

Thanks to my friendship with artist and fashion designer Sierra Dew, we were offered an opportunity to stay in the Greek island home of her father, Ed Thielk, who lives mainly on Maui.

Parikia, the largest “town” on Paros and home to a fabulous cobbler.

Paros is among the lesser known Greek islands. It is one of the Cyclades, but is often in the shadow of the sexier Myconos, picturesque Santorini, or historical Delos. In fact, its visitors are largely Greeks who flock to its beaches from the mainland in the summer. It’s also extremely popular among wind surfers who come from all over the world.

We were on Paros in the fall, and the only other non-Paros people we saw once were a German couple who frolicked on the beach for a few hours. The house was amazing, comfortable, large, with many areas perfect for setting up painting studios. Referred to as “the Hawaiian House” by local Greeks, it was also home to many cats, Duncan’s favorite pets. A few of the kittens were not faring well, but by the time we left, our “Cat Whisperer,” Duncan, had healed them!

The location was absolutely ideal. Every morning Jerry and I walked about a half mile down to an empty length of bright white sand beach with pristine turquoise water, Golden Beach. Swimming laps in the Aegean, all to ourselves, was heavenly!

In a whole month of daily swims, we only saw two other people on this beach!

There is just one town, or really a village, on Paros. It’s called Parikia and there are some shops and markets there. That’s where I found these sandals, and have been loving them – and the memories they conjure – for more than 20 years.

There is so much joy in finding a fashion treasure on a trip; one that I will wear and enjoy for years; one that will remind me of the handsome Greek cobbler who made it, and the handsome husband and son who shared a heavenly month in Paros with me.

Paula Rath



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Duncan Graham
January 15th, 2022 at 5:08 am

and the belt you gave me, from the same spot, is still going strong; conjuring memories almost daily!

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