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If you ever met the late Barb Rau, you probably found yourself captivated with her accessories. I certainly was! Barb was part of our Sunday morning indigo group, meeting at the indigo vat of artist Darius Homay. We had so much fun, and so many interesting conversations, over that magical vat!

I am deeply saddened by Barb’s recent passing. We have lost a multi-talented woman with unique and sophisticated style. She leaves behind a massive treasure trove of jewelry, clothing and art, as well as the DAC Downstairs Gallery. A hui of art lovers is saving the gallery – more about that later.

Well, this weekend you can have access to some of Barb’s amazing treasures, as her close lifetime friend, Lynda Sakraida (a multi-talented handbag designer and woman of taste herself) holds an exclusive sale of Barb’s jewelry. An act of aloha, all the proceeds of the sale will go to Barb’s partner, Shoji Ledward.

I highly recommend that you make an appointment asap. A few close friends of Lynda’s have already stopped by and found Barb’s treasures irresistible. (Me included.)

Lynda has priced these items, many of which are antiques that come from all over the world, at incredibly low prices. Imagine finding a cute girlfriend gift for $5!

So grab a few girlfriends (or guy friends if you’re doing some Christmas shopping for a person of taste) and carpool to the top of Tantalus.

Here’s just a small representation of what you will find there right now:



Please see all the necessary information in the flyer posted at the top of this blog. And that includes Barb’s collection of amber, below, which she loved.

Paula Rath

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