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It’s been several years since Jerry, Duncan and I first read the screenplay for “The Big Bend.” All of us were speechless after reading it, and the general consensus was simply: “Wow”! The screenplay, a family drama with some adventure and excitement, was so insightful and multi-layered that we felt we knew the characters already.

So we followed that “wow” with an offer to writer/director Brett Wagner: “You have to make this movie. How can we help?”

And that’s how we became executive producers of a movie that has been a source of pride every step of the way.

Meet actors Delilah Wagner (Fiona) and Nick Masciangelo (Carl) on the road in “The Big Bend.” Nick lives on the North Shore of Oahu and Delilah is Brett’s daughter.

The movie was filmed largely in a house in Terlingua, a ghost town in West Texas, and Big Bend National Park. The house belongs to Aaron Brown, producer of the movie. Most of the crew came from Austin.

We could not be there for the shooting because there is, literally, no place where we could stay. But Brett and the crew did a great job of sharing the day-to-day sheets that tracked everything, and everyone, working on the filming.

It was, to put it mildly, a challenging shoot. But, oh my! The resulting movie is simply magnificent!

We just came home from attending the World Premiere at the Austin Film Festival, where “The Big Bend” screened to rave reviews and had to have an extra screening added to accommodate the demand.

Brett briefs crew and cast at the house in Terlingua.

Next stop: HIFF, the Hawaii International Film Festival. We’re not sure what is driving the demand at this point, but HIFF has had to add a second screening on Saturday night at Kahala. That sold out in 24 hours and now they’re trying to find another time slot and theatre to show it a third time.

Brett discusses a scene with actor Jason Butler Harner, who you may recognize from “Ozark” or many other TV and movie roles.

If you don’t already have tickets, please watch social media for information about the third screening: @thebigbendmovie

Actor Erica Ash, who plays Georgia, and is facing the camera in this shot, will be staying with us while she is in Honolulu for HIFF!

The cinematography is gorgeous, shot by Paul Atkins of Hawaii Kai. He and Brett have done many projects together over the years, and he was the natural choice for “The Big Bend.”

We could not be more proud of this movie. We signed on to help with a low budget indie movie – and ended up with credits on a magnificent work of art.

We don’t know where “The Big Bend” will go after Honolulu. I will blog as soon as I know, so please stay tuned.

Paula Rath

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