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Tiffany Kaddish gets around in her exquisite Alexander McQueen gown. Photos from the New York Times                                                                                                                                       It astounds me how social media has driven people to believe that if they are seen in a post – on whatever platform – they can never wear that garment again. It’s a pathetic state of affairs.

Shouldn’t they be praised for wearing the garment again, and again and again? It takes a lot more chic and fashion sensibility to wear it in several ways, accessorizing and styling with creativity.

According to a U.K. study commissioned by Barclay, nine percent of shoppers in Britain admitted that they buy clothes simply to wear them once on Instagram. After posting the photo, they return the item to the store. I see that as shameful, not smart.

The Duchess of Cambridge understands the power of an Alexander McQueen coat, paired with a different hat, jewelry and, wow, even a perambulator! From the New York Times

Hey, if British royalty can wear clothing over and over, and Tiffany Haddish can wear her Alexander McQueen dress to multiple events, from the Oscars to hosting Saturday Night Live, why can’t we?

The “wear only once” approach is so passe and, frankly, makes no sense in today’s world.

Paula Rath




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