August 10th, 2020 / posted by paularath

One of the lovely courtyards at HoMA.                Photo courtesy HoMA

Although it’s disappointing to have another shut down of some of our favorite places to relax or recoil from the coronavirus world (for me, the pool and the pickleball courts), there is an oasis to which we can escape and find a bit of rest and restoration: HoMA, the Honolulu Museum of Art.

Jerry and I enjoy visiting the exhibitions, and we were pleased to experience the “30 Americans,” last weekend. It’s remarkably timely and appropriate for August, 2020. I believe it’s ending next month. Don’t miss it! For details, please check the museum website:


Detail of the amazing embroidery on Nick Cave’s Soundsuit pants.


Shinique Smith: “Crone-Huntress,” a mixed media sculpture incorporating mythology, dance, graffiti and tribal art.


A tiny detail from Kenyan artist Wangechi Mutu’s “Non, je ne regrette rien.” The interplay of paint, pearls and fiber are so intricate and intriguing!

Sometimes, however, we will visit HoMA together, or separately, just to have a little personal quiet time. Sitting in a serene courtyard, sketching, writing a poem, or simply ruminating, helps bring us back to what’s truly important in our lives. HoMA is an enabler in that way.

Of course, I also happen to love the chai lattes in the courtyard next to the Textile Exhibits, and their new light lunch menu is great, not to mention the cookies, so…sustenance goes right along with serenity!

Treat yourself soon with a visit to our beautiful Honolulu Museum of Art.

Paula Rath

View of HoMA entrance from Beretania Street.

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