March 23rd, 2020 / posted by paularath

Messy closet #1

Since Jerry and I are self-quarantined in our home, I decided to pay a little more attention than I usually do to the state of this place we love.

My goal: to work on, or preferably complete, one task each day that will contribute to the care and cleanliness of our home. A few examples:

Polish silver: check

Clean screens and louvers: check

Scrub and wax the spa: waiting for a sunny day, and we live in the rain forest

Clean and “edit” the drawers, and refresh the drawer liners throughout the house: in progress

Clean my closets: auwe!

Messy closet #2

There’s a lot of psychology captured in a closet.

Oh, the guilt and dread for the clothes I never wear:

  • the yellow cardigan I bought when I was in a blue mood and thought maybe a bright and cheery garment would help, although the color makes my skin look green
  • the size 4 designer jeans I was convinced would fit one day when I lost a few pounds (they’re the ones with the tags still on)
  • the tie dye hippie skirt I wore to the Rolling Stones concert…and never again

Then there are the emotional attachments to things I’ve worn countless times because, well, they just make me feel good about myself, even though some pieces are 40 years old:

  • the red silk suit I wore when I pitched three new clients, and they all hired me (oh well, so the jacket has a few stains)
  • the dress, now droopy and sad, that made everyone say “Have you lost weight?”
  • the relaxed palaka tunic that makes me feel like a day at the beach (Oh, why didn’t I buy three of those when I had the chance?)

That’s why cleaning my closet is the most difficult task of all. It forces me to face my fears and flaws.

And you know what? It hasn’t become easier with age, so the accumulation can be appalling.

Paula Rath


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