February 13th, 2020 / posted by paularath

Who knew indigo can survive an icy winter?

Well, hey, it can! That is, if it’s in the hands of an indigo expert who is determined to keep his craft going through the long winters in Cooperstown, New York.

The man who introduced me to indigo, Darius Homay, has moved to a much colder clime, Cooperstown. Snow and ice are frequent backyard visitors. Nothing like the warm tropical climate in Honolulu where Darius developed his passion for indigo.

Yet he still manages to hold “Indigo Days” behind his home.

How? He bought some trough heaters like the ones used to keep water thawed for farm animals. “It’s like a giant immersion heater,” he explained.

An indigo piece ready for a studio sink.

After achieving the desired shade in the indigo vat, it will be taken inside the house to one of the enormous sinks in Darius’ studio. I’m so jealous of his current students, and so grateful to Darius for introducing me to the magic of indigo.

Here’s one of the pieces I recently created with fabrics dyed with indigo and rust. It’s inspired by my North Shore summers when we began our holidays with a visit to the rock at Waimea Bay for a dashing jump. Did you jump off the rock too?

“Waimea Bay Summer: Jump!,” 20″ x 30″ on gallery wrap canvas

  • Paula Rath



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