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One wall of Jerry’s show. The top painting in the middle, an oil, is Jerry’s self portrait and is not for sale, as it’s my treasure; he gave it to me one Valentine’s Day!

It feels as though First Friday is coming alive again, with a focus on art rather than partying. So let’s celebrate the arts!

Come and join us on First Friday, December 6, when Jerry Mayfield celebrates his retrospective. It’s at the Louis Pohl Gallery, 1142  Bethel Street from 5 to 8 p.m.

Jerry with happy buyer Jean Yokoyama

I must inform you that two of his paintings have already sold. However, there are lots more on the walls.

Jean Yokayama was the first person in the door when the show first opened, and she bought one of my favorites, “Walk About, Talk About,” a charming watercolor with a lively group of figures sashaying along the painting. You can see it one last time on Friday before it goes to Jean’s home.

Three views of Antarctica

Jerry’s most recent work speaks to the issue of global warming in Antarctica. (Sorry about the glare – we forgot to photograph them before framing.)

On our Antarctica cruise, we expected a scene of white on white, but what we experienced were fascinating shades of blue and gray. The scenes were so appropriate for watercolors, and the views continue to inspire our work.

Please come and celebrate Jerry and his artistic talents. And while you’re in Chinatown, don’t miss the new glass show at the ARTS at Marks, sponsored by Hawaii Craftsmen. It’s spectacular!

Paula Rath

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