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Jerry’s singing bowl.                                                                          Photo by Jerry Mayfield

Sometimes life offers a gift that is completely unexpected and surprisingly enriching.

One such gift came to my husband, Jerry Mayfield, in the form of a Tibetan singing bowl. He found it at one of our favorite shops, Indige, in Kaimuki. Sadly, it was found during a closing sale for the shop we have come to love, and to miss.

When Jerry first saw this bowl, it was love at first sight…and sound. Indige owner, the late Ron Irwin, always generous with his knowledge and time, helped Jerry learn to make lovely lilting music with the bowl. It provides a wonderful way to relax and de-stress.

This unique bowl will be especially treasured as a remembrance of Ron, a gentle spirit who was beloved by all who knew him. Ron’s selflessness, kindness, integrity, and tremendous depth of character were recognized and appreciated by the wide community of people who were fortunate to have known him.

These belong to Zeny Ogrisseg, a yogi who is also a Shakti Sound Healer.                      Photos courtesy Zeny Ogrisseg

When we heard about the Shakti Sound Healing Concert to be held at the Still and Moving Center, featuring Tibetan singing bowls, we had to see what it was all about.

Yogi and sound healer Zeny Ogrisseg of Yoga Loft Hawaii conducts these concerts with Tibetan singing bowls, a harp, harmonium and her lovely voice singing “Goddess mantras.”

In order to fully appreciate the experience, we laid down on a mat, swaddled ourselves in a blanket, closed our eyes and allowed the soothing sounds to carry us away.

Zeny Ogrisseg in her Yoga Loft Hawaii space.

Jerry and I both felt as though we were transported to a gentler world as we lay on the Still and Moving Center’s magnificent mango wood floor and enjoyed the healing vibrations as they calmed us. It was a truly liberating experience, and we both felt as though we had been on a little vacation. Yes, we will attend another one next time the Still and Moving Center offers it. So relaxing, and far less complicated than a vacation.

Zeny is holding a Shakti Vibronics  event on November 23 at Yoga Loft, 94-547 Uke’e Street, #205, Waipahu.

-Paula Rath




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