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Katharine Harts models Queen of Hearts print top. 

I discovered Queen of Hearts, my favorite line of dance clothing, about five years ago at Still and Moving Center in Kaka’ako. I have never received as many compliments regarding any of my workout-related clothes. In fact, I constantly have people saying “You look like you’re ready for a date night out, not a dance class.”

I love the clothes because they are made to move and flow in a way that is ultimately flattering to the body. They also come in yummy jewel tones, and rich earth tones, not just black and white, like so many other brands.

Natasha Marjanovic is head over heels – or should I say heels over head –  for Queen of Hearts.

The buyer at Still and Moving Center moved to the mainland and my favorite dance clothes simply disappeared. They are designed in San Francisco and I tried to find them there, but didn’t succeed. They are a tiny company with a hands-on designer who does not seek the limelight.

Natasha in a sleeveless top with a sexy but not too revealing back treatment.

The back of Natasha’s tunic.

Now Queen of Hearts has returned to Still and Moving Center, and their collection is bigger and better than ever. About 80 garments, including only one of any particular color, style or size, was ordered. This means you’d better not wait to check them out.  (And yes, some styles have sleeves! I don’t do sleeveless.)

Paula Celzo’s pants feature a little peplum that both flatters and conceals.

To celebrate the return, the studio is holding a Dress Up Party:

Tuesday, October 15

4 p.m.

1024 Queen Street

Phone: (808) 397-7678

Kendra Gillis loves Queen of Hearts for her yoga practice.

This is a perfect opportunity to grab a few girlfriends and play dress up together. And it’s an ideal time to have lots of like minded women critique the outfits you try on.

– Paula Rath

Asymmetry, slits, and a hoodie make Natasha’s workout top anything but ho-hum.

A characteristic Queen of Hearts detail which can act as an effective camouflage when needed (although on this model it’s obviously not needed.).



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