September 27th, 2019 / posted by paularath

I hope to see you tomorrow at one of my favorite fairs of the year, along with Nui Mono and Friends.

Leah Lee and I will be on the stage in Palolo to remind patrons of the importance of Palama Settlement in the life of our community. As Palama gears up for our 125th anniversary in 2021, we continue to provide a plethora of services for the folks in our neighborhood and beyond.

Did you know we have keiki classes in robotics and coding that draw enthusiastic crowds every class term? But there are Palama keiki who can’t afford the tuition. You can help!

And there are potential football players who sit on the sidelines because they are unable to afford the necessary equipment, as well as underprivileged seniors who want to learn to swim.

Come see us and we will find a way for you to kokua. Every single donation helps!

Did you know this is called the Rath Building, named after my grandfather, the founder of Palama Settlement?

Paula Rath

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