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A small selection of Indige accessories.

You know that favorite go-to dress you can just put on, worry free, and walk out your door knowing that you are going to get one compliment after another throughout the day? Well, I am fortunate enough to have several of those, and one of them, an indigo-and-white cotton frock, is from Indige Design in Kaimuki.

As it happens, Indige is having its biggest sale ever right now and I totally scored more treasures there yesterday – as did my husband, Jerry! I highly recommend that you visit the store – and soon – while the fabulous bargains are still available. You will find nearly everything at 30 to 50 percent off.

Basketry is among the art forms that owner Ron Irwin brings home to Hawaii from exotic locales such as Indonesia and Nepal. His focus has always been on sustainable resources and traditional indigenous techniques and design. He has spent decades cultivating relationships and sharing techniques with artisans throughout Asia.

This is a detail of handwoven linen dress I bought. It’s woven in Indonesia, designed by Ron Irwin.

My favorite of-the-moment Indige clothing collection is the handwoven linen. Trust me, it’s not easy to weave linen. Did you know that linen starts out with a sticky residue? And going for a plaid print, yikes! That’s just making it ten times harder to get it right. But Ron and his weavers stuck with it until they got it perfect. Then they sewed it into tunics and dresses with engineered pockets! You can’t even see the seams where the patch pockets are attached. Yet there they are, practical and pretty as can be.

Fun hats are half off.

Take a girlfriend when you go and try on hats together. Guaranteed fun!

A go-everywhere dress and jacket.

Jerry’s Tibetan singing bowl.                              Photo by Jerry Mayfield

While I was scouting clothes and accessories, Jerry discovered an antique Tibetan Singing Bowl. He got going with the little gong and immediately became entranced with the sound, which lingers in the air for a long while. “I like its weight and the way it looks. It plays different notes with different mallets,” he explained. Ron gave him a lesson in how to make the bowl sing, and Jerry has decided to return for another lesson so he can expand the bowl’s – and his – abilities.

Shopping at Indige is never just shopping. I always learn something new and it’s such a pleasure to have Ron to talk to. His decades in the fashion, textile and interiors industries have served him well and he is always happy to share his breadth of knowledge.

Find Indige at 3449 Waialae Avenue, between 9th and 10th Streets, on the makai side. Phone 734-3377 or find it online at I have always found parking on the street in that block or the next. Be sure to take some coins for the meter.

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