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My swimsuit, running away in the pool.  Photo by Jerry Mayfield

Whew! It has taken me several years, but I have finally found the perfect swimsuit to wear when I’m swimming laps.

I had a favorite swimsuit for several years; I bought three of them in succession and loved them until the company started having “my” suit made in China with inferior fabric and sewing.

Next I resorted to generic Tyr and Speedo suits, unexciting but serviceable.

Then along came this Reyn Spooner suit, and I love it!

At my age, I don’t have the courage to show a picture of myself in a swimsuit, so forgive the kinda strange photo above. The suit kept wanting to run away while Jerry and I were trying to photograph it. Not a great styling job and I apologize for that. Here’s what it looks like on a model.

The classic Lahaina print is smaller and runs diagonally to flatter the figure.                                                                                       Photo courtesy of Reyn Spooner

I heard about the suit when I interviewed Lynne Koplin, the CEO of Reyn Spooner. She knows her swimwear. Her mentor was Anne Cole and she worked for 15 years with the swim staple, Cole of California.

Lynne also started the women’s line for Tommy Bahama, was swimwear buyer for I. Magnin in San Francisco, as well as working for J. Crew, denim leader True Religion and that bastion of quality underwear, Marks & Spencer in London.

I loved the suit from the moment I put it on because it feels wonderful, both fabric- and fit-wise. It’s made of Italian circular knit, with 26 percent Lycra, giving it lots of control. It has a full lining and under bust support, ideal for someone like me who swims 40 laps. It is made in China, but Lynne has found a Chinese manufacturer that makes French lingerie and understands the importance of not cutting corners when it comes to construction.

I’ve been wearing my suit for several months now, and it has not sagged one little bit and there has been no fading whatsoever. I never feel like I have to tug at it or do any “rearranging” throughout my swim. It’s simply the perfect suit for me.

In addition to the high neck suit, there is a really pretty v-neck that I love, but it’s just a tad too sexy for my purposes. And of course there are three classic bikini styles: halter, triangle and hipster. Sizes are 4 to 14.

This suit is part of a Limited Edition Women’s Collection, so if you want one, go now to your nearest Reyn Spooner store. Or, if you know your size, you can order online.

Paula Rath

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