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Elizabeth Kent’s pretty and festive silk shibori gift bags

This weekend, and the first weekend in November, bring us an art show that offers an ideal excuse to spend a day in the country. Five artists and artisans come together to show their latest creations just in time for the start of the gift-giving season.

Tagami & Powell Gallery & Gardens

October 27 & 28 (Saturday & Sunday) and November 3 & 4 (Saturday & Sunday)

10 A.M. – 4 P.M.

47-754 Lamaula Road, Kaneohe (actually Kahalu’u)

The show will feature paintings and giclees by Hiroshi Tagami, ceramics by Kenny Kicklighter, jewelry by Babs Miyano and clothing by Elizabeth Kent. Painter Michael Powell says this will be his last Kahalu’u art show.

“Meet Me at the Meat Market” by Elizabeth Kent

Kent, designer and maker of Vested Interest, will  introduce her charming little silk gift bags. They’re perfect for a jar of chutney, some decorative soaps or a little bauble of any kind. She has also fashioned dyed lingerie, patched together to create the jacket above, which she calls “Meet Me at the Meat Market.” It’s a political statement protesting one of Kent’s causes: human trafficking.

The back of a patchwork jacket.

 Babs Miyano has also been working on some new products, including appliqued aprons and tote bags. Her newest line of jewelry includes earrings fashioned with druzy crystals, as well as her popular eyeglass holders (made with a little help from her mom). Don’t miss her lauhala bags embellished with amethyst crystals and bodhi leaf skeletons.

Appliqued aprons by Babs Miyano

Why not pack a picnic brunch and stop at a beach park on the way out to Kahalu’u? We all need little reminders that we are lucky we live Hawaii.

Paula Rath

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