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Jerry’s painting from Polperro

After leaving the Cotswolds, our painting group packed up our palettes and took a bus ride to Plymouth, in the heart of Cornwall.

OK. I must confess I was a little disappointed in what we saw of Cornwall. I am a passionate lover of Masterpiece Theatre’s “Poldark”  on PBS and I expected to see those rugged, moody cliffs and moors. Those were about ten miles away from where we stayed. But what we did see was several lovely little seaside fishing villages and a surprising island called St. Michael’s Mount that looks a lot like its namesake, Mont St. Michel in France.

One of the fishing villages where we painted was Polperro, also known as “Smugglers Village.” Located on the southeast coast of Cornwall, its landscape is marked by a myriad of caves, ideal for smugglers’ hiding places.

I played hooky from painting class and went on a boat ride up the coast to see the smugglers’ caves. It’s a beautiful coast and there are countless caves, ideal for hiding.

These Cornwall fishing villages are so scenic! The colorful little cottages tumble down to the sea and there are all sorts of boats, from fishing and crabbing boats to tugs and leisure yachts. This is one of John’s favorite subjects to paint, so he went to town!

John Lovett’s painting of Smugglers Cottage

Jerry was also inspired by Polperro Village, as you can see in the painting at the top of this story.

We visited another fishing port, Mevagissey, where the subject was boats, and there we a lot of boats from which to choose, all shapes and sizes and purposes.

I must mention how incredibly lucky we were with the weather throughout the watercolor workshop. Having two weeks of clear weather for plein air painting in England is truly remarkable!

Jerry interprets Mevagissey in his inimitable style!

Mevagissey is famous for its mussels, scallops and crabs. You could see men shucking them (is that the correct verb?) in little seaside warehouses.

We loved this village. It has little narrow, winding streets and some lovely shops. Lots of Poldark-related merchandise, such as Poldark Rum, Poldark chocolates and Poldark biscuits.

We ate fish and chips in a fun pub filled with locals, including the “local dog,” a golden retriever name Leopold. Dogs are welcomed everywhere in England, and we often saw water bowls in front of places of businesses for the neighborhood – and visiting – dogs.

We also visited Dartmouth, home of the British naval officer training college, and St. Michael’s Mount. Those are up in the next blog.

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Lynda Sakraida
October 11th, 2018 at 4:26 am

I absolutely love Jerry’s work…I love his colors, the way he uses light, the fact that he doesn’t feel the need to fill every inch of the canvas…his paintings are just wonderful.

Roberta Cullen
October 11th, 2018 at 8:24 am

Jerry is truly talented. His style is unique and playful.

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