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This is a typical Cotswold wall, seen everywhere in this unique district.

If you ask Jerry what struck him most about England, he will say that it was the lack of high rise, modern buildings and the integrity of the homes, villages, towns and landscapes. The English treasure their history and this is clear in the way they treat their beautiful homes, gardens and villages.

It’s still surprisingly common to see thatched roofs, as you will see in my soon-to-be blog about Lower Heyford, the tiny village where we rented a thatched roof house for two weeks. About a third of the houses in Lower Heyford have thatched roofs and we had the opportunity to talk to a man whose business is patching and preserving thatched roofs.

Here are just a few photos of lovely places we visited in the Cotswolds. I chose Castle Combe Village because many guidebooks refer to it as “the prettiest village in England,” and Broadway because we spent a couple of memorable days there, in the middle of England’s horse country.

Nearly every cottage in Castle Combe was picture perfect!

The main street in Castle Combe

Just one of many thatched roofs in Castle Combe

A street in Castle Combe                                   Photo by Jerry Mayfield


I love the use of plants and flowers around village homes.

Little vignettes like this are what inspire me to paint. Buildings and boats just don’t do it for me.

The village of Broadway is in the midst of horse country, and we saw these beautiful equestrians riding back and forth along the main street.

I love kinda weird windows. This one, located in Broadway, would be really fun to try to paint. If those window panes could speak….

A typical Cotswold scene, with sheep(those little white dots)  and cattle grazing in lush pastures. This is what most of the countryside looks like, with occasional little villages sprinkled through the landscapes.                         Photo by Jerry Mayfield

Tomorrow, Sudeley Castle and Chipping Campden. If I had to choose my favorite Cotswold village, I think it would be Chipping Campden because of its involvement in, and support of, the arts and crafts of the region.

Paula Rath


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