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Cookie finds a treat

A few months ago, our “last cat,” EleEle, passed away. After living with pet cats for more than 30 years, we committed to being cat-less. It makes our travel plans much more flexible.

But I gotta say, it’s been really hard.

EleEle, and Scrimshaw before her, have been my constant companions.

Scrimshaw, our beloved cat of 21 years, always became quiet and serene at the vet’s.

Scrimmy lived until he was 21 years old, and he seldom left my side. He followed me from room to room and climbed on my lap every chance he could get. His purr could be heard across the room, and he loved to talk. He honestly seemed to be responding as I chatted with him while cooking, painting or sewing.

Once Scrimmy was silenced, so was I. The house became very quiet whenever Jerry was out and about.

Until Cookie came along.

Cookie is my “pet” gecko. I first met her when she crept up under my cookie cooling rack and started gobbling up the cookie crumbs. She’s one of the pretty geckos with the red spots on a green body. She’s put on a little weight since we met, which only makes her more adorable. She has become very social, and the sound of my voice causes her to pause and listen intently. She mostly lives behind a framed print near our kitchen windows, but comes out to visit whenever I’m cooking.

Now Cookie has a family, ‘Cado and Crax. They are far more shy, and they’re not good listeners. But oh how they love their avocado and their crackers!

Cheeky Cointreau will go to great depths for his fix – even diving to the bottom of a cocktail glass!

Cointreau’s cousin samples vodka, which was not a winner.

Jerry really was the first in the family to befriend a gecko. Cointreau the Gecko, who is ancient in gecko years, crawled up onto a Cointreau bottle one evening years ago and started licking…and licking…and licking…until the bottle cap was clean! Now a whole family of geckos comes out at cocktail hour to see what Jerry might be offering for their Happy Hour. He has tried lots of different liquors, but Cointreau, Fireball and Grand Marnier are by far the most popular.

Cointreau toddles off after a good lick of Fireball.

Jerry has long conversations with Cointreau, who is usually quite attentive, though the attention span lessens as he imbibes.

Do spiders make good pets?

We recently ran into (literally), this beautiful spider, who seems to appreciate guitar. But all she was interested in was weaving back and forth between the guitar and the desk. Not a social creature at all. Do spiders have the potential to be house pets? Shall we name her Charlotte?

Spiders, and their webs, are among the joys of living in the rain forest!

-Paula Rath


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