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Detail from my Mao Mam vest    Photos by Jerry Mayfield


There was a collective sigh of sadness when Tapestries closed after its 25-year storied stay at Ala Moana Center. Tapestries was, after all, one of the few local stores that remained in Ala Moana, and owner Lori Doo Wong is a respected and appreciated buyer and retailer who really understands her customers.

Now Lori is doing retail in a new way and with a new partner: Chie Okada Otto of Hawaii Kai. They have opened Tapestries Studio Online (www.tapestries-studio.com) and are now offering occasional trunk shows. Please follow my blog for dates and locations of the trunk shows.

Mao Mam cotton vest with ruffled collar and chic details

While many readers will know Lori’s name, Chie’s may not be as familiar. She has always worked behind the scenes.

Chie has been in the fashion business for quite a few years now, first as a sales rep for Kinu, a chic and sophisticated line based in Japan and made in Thailand. Now she is designing and collaborating with Lori on three lines: You-Be, Mao Mam and Mona Lisa.

Mao Mam dress with lots of little design surprises. This is my go-to dress these days!

Each of the lines has a different aesthetic and character, but I think they all work superbly in Hawaii.

Mao Mam, which is made in Thailand, is highly original and, well, just fun to wear. There are lots of little appliques, trims, mixed prints and hidden pockets. These are clothes that catch the eye. They are made of a sturdy but light cotton that adapts to the interesting silhouettes extremely well. Look for clever collars and necklines, unexpected sleeves and unpredictable hemlines.

I love to wear my Mao Mam dress with black leggings that come just below the knee and chunky bold jewelry such as a wood ebony bracelet.

Cowl necks are a signature design detail for You-Be.
Photo courtesy of Tapestries Studio Online

You-Be features simple lines with bold prints in airy crinkle cottons and cotton knits. Although made in Thailand, this line has a Japanese aesthetic due to Chie’s original prints. So cute with jeans or leggings and stacks of beads or a flowing scarf.

Mona Lisa features some stunning prints.   Photo courtesy of Tapestries Studio Online

Mona Lisa, made in India, features playful prints and tropics-friendly fabrics. These are the tops you will wear practically every time you go out, whether to Whole Foods, the mall or your favorite coffee house.

How cute is this design detail on the back of my Mao Mam vest?

Tapestries Studio Online is currently celebrating the kinder, gentler side of the USA by featuring all their red, white and blue garments. Be sure to subscribe to paularath.com so you don’t miss announcements of upcoming events and collections at Tapestries Studio Online.

Next up right here: That long-awaited story on palaka in Hawaii and a surprising new fashion line out of L.A. that’s entirely inspired by Hawaii’s own palaka.

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October 26th, 2020 at 11:41 am

I have loved wearing my Mao Mam and Mona Lisa clothing. They are comfortable, and thankful for having pockets.

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