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My new friend at the farmers market blows me a kiss, as this will be our last Saturday farmers market in Carcassonne. She sells the most fantastic spices in all sorts of exotic combinations. Viking salt, anyone?

Today is a beautiful sunny day and the temperature is approaching 60, so absolutely everyone is at the Carcassonne farmers market.

It is my favorite place to go on a Saturday. I see all sorts of things I have never seen before – and have no idea what some of them are.

The vegetables and fruits are beautiful and exotic and so fresh! Farmers bring in truckloads of produce. Much of it comes from France, but some seasonal items are grown in Spain and Morocco – and I’m sure in other places I am not aware of.

Just one small corner of the entire market. Photo by Jerry Mayfield

In addition to all the vendors inside the market, just outside are small cafes and restaurants that cook and serve special items during the market. Today there were oysters at one locale and paella at a roadside vendor. These are popular venues for lunch.

This is quite the food truck, n’est ce pas? Cheeses galore!

One of the longest lines is for this man, who brings in flats of endive and cuts it right there for you – how fresh is that?

Fresh endive, cut to order.

Food is tremendously important to the French and they are, as is their right, very picky about it. The farmers market is their answer to finding the freshest and purest ingredients to grace their kitchens. I’m going to miss this benefit of life in France.

Beats a deli any day!

Figs, dried fruits, cashews – all sold by the kilo and at such reasonable prices!

We tasted – and bought – a most unusual honey. It has the natural flavors of noisettes, or hazel nuts. Unique and yummy!

Just a few of the dozens and dozens of spices and salts and peppers that are in those lovely little baskets. I could stand there for hours and just enjoy the smells. I might have to try to paint some of the colors that come to mind…

After the market, many folks like to sit and have a coffee or Pernod or Martini Rouge and chat with friends. We have been a couple of times to such a “Cheers” style of hangout: Bar le 98. The proprietor is so delightful and his wife and toddler often drop by. Here they are, just leaving.

Photo by Jerry Mayfield


This is one of the many beautiful buildings we pass by as we walk to and from the farmers market. Carcassonne is strict about its zoning. No high rises here!
Photo by Jerry Mayfield

Merci for coming along with me to the Carcassonne farmers market!

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