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Four exquisite kapa malos

Four exquisite kapa malo

Just in case you are heading to Maui soon, or at least before March 31, 2017,  please try to make an excursion to Upcountry Maui for a visit to Hui No’eau. The Hui always has great shows and of course the campus is absolutely beautiful. While the main gallery is currently chock full of fabulous made in Maui Christmas gifts, the smaller gallery, the History Room, has been dedicated to a wonderful show called:

“Woman Makes the Malo Makes the Man: An Exhibition of Kapa by Dalani Tanahy.”

Detail of one of Dalani's kapa malo.

Detail of one of Dalani’s kapa malo.

Dalani has been a kapa maker for more than 20 years. She is also a grower of her own wauke trees (paper mulberry used to make kapa) and dye plants. The craftswoman, clearly a perfectionist who takes great pride in her work, even makes her own tools for pounding and printing kapa.

Handmade ohe kapala (bamboo carved ) tools for printing kapa.

 Dalani’s handmade ohe kapala (bamboo carved ) tools for printing kapa.

Dalani is a respected kumu  who loves to teach others to make kapa, ensuring the survival of this important art form.

One of the loveliest of the kapa malo belongs to Keali’i Reichel, who generously loaned it for the show. Sigh! Just look at this gorgeous man…

The fabulous Keali'i Reichel

The fabulous Keali’i Reichel

When Upcountry, be sure to stop for lunch or dinner at the fabulous Kula Bistro. My friend Cheryl, who lives in Kula, introduced us to it.  It’s where all the locals go because, honestly, it’s a terrific restaurant. I wanted just about everything on the menu and I’ve been told every item is excellent.  It’s not at all pretentious and the prices are really reasonable. It’s not to be missed!

– Paula Rath


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