October 29th, 2016 / posted by paularath
Photo courtesy of Denise Morisaki

That’s Denise on the right with the orange top and lipstick. Our Nia teacher, Shar, is in black mesh to her left and Brad, Shar’s husband, is in green. The others are our fun-loving Nia sisters.  Photos courtesy of Denise Morisaki


I’ve always wondered what gastroenterologists do for fun. I mean, it’s just not a fun medical specialty. No one ever wants to see you and you really have to deal with some unpleasant stuff.

Well, one Honolulu gastroenterologist, Dr. Mark Morisaki, who practices out of Kuakini, creates all sorts of fabulous things with balloons!

Yes, he takes his medical skills into a fun-filled hobby as a certified balloon artist. Today, Mark made our entire Nia class the cutest balloon Halloween fascinators. How fun is that? Eat your heart out, Kate! nia-halloween-mirror

And did you know that you can preserve your balloon creations longer by placing them in a plastic bag and storing them in the freezer or fridge? Denise taught me that.

– Paula Rath

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