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He wasn't as happy as he looks.

He wasn’t as happy as he looks. See the slight disappointment in his eyes?

One of Jerry’s goals during our Irish vacation was to find a great Shepherd’s Pie. He had searched in New York City and found a good one at Killarney Rose, a pub  in the Wall Street area.

Then he discovered the Shepherd’s Pie at the Local Bank pub on Bush Street in San Francisco. It became his favorite and must-visit (at least once and usually twice) whenever in San Francisco.

But, he thought, there must be a perfect Shepherd’s Pie in Ireland!

Well….maybe not? For one thing, Cottage Pie is found more frequently on Irish menus. Cottage Pie has beef as its main ingredient, while Shepherd’s Pie is made with lamb (hence the name).

The pot of pie he was eating in the photo above was the Shepherd’s Pie at O’Neill’s Pub in Dublin. It did not get high ratings. It was served at a carvery station, which is often the way meals are served during the day in the busier pubs. It’s a cafeteria-like approach. The Shepherd’s Pie had been sitting under the lights for too long and was sort of dried out.

Found in Ennistymon!

Found in Ennistymon!

In the tiny town of Ennistymon, County Clare, Ireland, we spotted a little chalkboard outside a restaurant called An Teach Bia. The second item on the daily specials was: Shepherd’s Pie!

It was just the way Jerry likes it and he was a happy camper. The service was also terrific and the berry crumble just like my Nana used to make!

Naturally, the Irish Bank in San Francisco will still hold a special place in his heart and he will visit it often, but this delightful dish will be a fond memory of Ireland.

Perhaps now we have to go to England in search of their perfect Shepherd’s Pie?

– Paula Rath


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