May 24th, 2016 / posted by paularath
Kaveh Darkness 1

Model: Aileen Garcia of Niche Models                     All Photos by Kaveh Kardan

I am always happy when fashion photographer Kaveh Kardan shares his exquisite, dramatic images with me. He has such a great eye and his use of texture is so tactile. I want to reach right into the scene and take a piece of it.
Kaveh and stylist Therese Wahl recently took two models to a waterfall and let their spirits soar.
Kaveh Darkness 2

Model Camila Storchi of Wilhelmina Hawaii

This shoot reminds me of an exciting experience I had when I was fourteen. My family was house sitting for the Atherton family at Luakaha, their beautiful estate in Nuuanu Valley. There is a waterfall on the property and somehow Vogue Magazine discovered it.
The Vogue photographer asked me to put on a bikini and pose on various rocks and in the water so they could determine how and where they wanted the model to  pose, and how the light would change. I had no idea so much was involved with a photo shoot – it was my first exposure to the complex world of fashion photography.
It was a very glamorous job, indeed, although it got quite chilly after a few hours!
Kaveh Darkness 3

Photography: Kaveh Kardan, IG: KardanPhotography, FB: KardanPhotography,

Styling: Therese Wahl, IG: theresewahlstyling,

Hair and Makeup: Malia Melanie, IG: mariahmelanie, FB: mariahmelanie

Model: Camila Storchi of Wilhelmina Hawaii, IG: camilastorchi

Model: Aileen Garcia of Niche Models and Talent, IG: rastaina_hawaii

Photo Assistant: Caitlin Moore

Kaveh Darkness 4
Kaveh Darkness 6
Kaveh Darkness 7
Kaveh Darkness 8
Kaveh Darkness 9
– Paula Rath
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