April 28th, 2016 / posted by paularath
Jacket by Pitacus

Jacket by Pitacus

This weekend seems to be the jump start of the spring/summer trunk shows, fashion shows and craft fairs. And of course, it’s just in time for Mother’s Day.

Nui Mono and Girlfriends, which only comes around twice a year, will be held:

Saturday, April 30

8 a.m. to noon

Palolo Hongwanji

1641 Palolo Avenue

Expect a carefully curated collection of fashions, jewelry, accessories and food. Lue Zimmelman, owner of Nui Mono, has wonderful taste and a strong desire to share what she finds with her adoring customers.

New to the scene is Momoterrascapes, a collection of tiny potted plants. In addition, Hui o Laulima will sell gifts and bentos, while the Palolo Hongwanji women’s auxiliary will hold a White Elephant sale to raise money for their community projects.

Among the “Friends” are:

  • Pitacus by Lisa Wiemken
  • Sweet Charlotte by Charlotte Tanaka (maker of of my late mother’s favorite Ginger Snaps – how I’ll miss giving her some this year)
  • Melons by Suzi Iizaki
  • Wabi Sabi by Irene Kawaguchi
  • Wendy Kim Messier ( you never know what she’ll be creating next)
  • Sherrie Rupert
  • Kim Kono
  • Cora Yee (where in the world will her beads come from this season?0
  • Bev Seki
  • Esther Nowell’s adorable, and collectible, clay creations

– Paula Rath

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