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Under the gazebo at Kahala Park

Under the gazebo at Kahala Park


How adorable is that?

But the story’s even cuter.

On Sunday mornings, Jerry and I often choose to do something different for exercise, rather than just going to the Honolulu Club (for Nia, Pilates, Aqua Zumba, cardio or weights) or the YMCA (for pool swims). We often walk around Kapiolani Park, then swim at Kaimana Beach. Today, however, there was a community walk at the park so there were no parking spaces at all. Instead, we kept driving and stopped at Kahala Park. After a nice beach walk in what is apparently doggie heaven  (the four-legged folks were deliriously happy in the sand and sea), I went in for a swim in spite of the fast approaching rain.

I talked a little to a fisherman, Leland, who explained the lay of the ocean to me so I wouldn’t swim into an undertow, rock or coral reef.

As I emerged from the water, it was really pouring.  A young Japanese couple. complete in wedding regalia, were clutching each other under the Kahala gazebo while the photographers made a Plan B. As the photographer began to shoot photos under the lovely green canopy of hau, Leland ran to this truck and returned carrying a beautiful kukui nut lei. He graciously placed it around the groom’s neck, insisting that he wear the lei for his wedding photos. (It paired perfectly with the rubber slippahs.)

We couldn’t hear all of  the conversation, but I did hear Leland explain to the couple that the lei had been made by his father and that it had a great deal of mana. I don’t know if the couple understood all the language, but it was clear that they were touched by this warm gesture of aloha.

And so were we.

Only in Hawaii, right! Please always feel free to share any of your “Only in Hawaii” stories with me and my readers! I know we encounter them every day and they so enrich our lives.

– Paula Rath

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