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Nui Mono sale blue top

Gone are the days of waiting until Black Friday for holiday shopping. Some of my favorite events for gift shopping happen in September and October.

Leading the way is the wonderful Nui Mono and Girlfriends sale this weekend. Expect to find original one-of-a-kind wearable art, handbags, handcrafted jewelry and fabric remnants perfect for quilters.

Nui Mono sale Lisa Weimken 1

The sale will be held:

Saturday, September 26

8 a.m. – 1 p.m.

Palolo Hongwanji, 1641 Palolo Avenue

Ample free parking is available


Nui Mono sale Sherrie Rupert 2

Here’s a lineup of the Girlfriends you can meet there:

  • Laurie Ito of Teru
  • Lisa Wiemken of Pitacus
  • Suzi Iizaki of Melons
  • Irene Kawaguchi of Wabi Sabi
  • Sherrie Rupert of Why Not Bead
  • Wendy Kim Messier
  • Kim Kono
  • Cora Yee
  • Bev Seki
  • Esther Nowell
  • Colleen Kimura of Tutuvi
  • Marie Kodama
  • Lue Zimmelman of Nui Mono, with her own line of clothing, Water Lily

Nui Mono sale Lisa Weimken 2


For more information, call Lue at 946-7407 or email her at

– Paula Rath

Nui Mono sale Sherrie Rupert 1

Nui Mono sale Sherrie Rupert 3

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