August 17th, 2015 / posted by paularath
Photos courtesy Timothy Ojile

Photos courtesy Timothy Ojile

My dear friend Timothy Ojile, an extraordinary artist with a unique style of painting, has moved permanently from Honolulu to Minneapolis.

The move might seem odd, but Timothy is originally from Minneapolis and most of his family is there. In addition, he has a loft in the city that is absolutely perfect for producing the kind of art he wants to produce right now: scrolls that measure 11 feet long. Where would you find that kind of studio space in Honolulu?

Timothy Scroll 2

The loft is in the center of the city and Minneapolis is a city of sky walks and connecting buildings that enable people to live indoors throughout the colder months. Timothy never has to face the brutal winter weather head on. He can simply paint to his heart’s content in his light filled, warm and cozy  loft.

Timothy Scroll 3

If you miss Timothy’s energetic and uplifting art (as I do), you can always visit Neiman Marcus for a fix. His work is hanging in the children’s department and in my mother’s favorite restaurant, Mermaid, both on the second level of the store.

Timothy Scroll 4

Taking an art class from Timothy was always a kick, literally and figuratively. Literally because he kicked me in the butt to get me out of any rut I was in. He had me close my eyes to paint, paint with my non-dominant hand, paint with black alone – everything but paint standing on my hands. Figuratively because mark making is so important to the style he teaches, and mark making often took a back seat in my work. Color and texture generally ruled my canvases.

Perhaps he will return to Honolulu for an occasional workshop…..

Timothy Scroll 5

I absolutely LOVE his new work!

– Paula Rath

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