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HI Design Commune was artfully curated with ropes that looked like sails going form ceiling to racks to support the designers' creations.  Photos courtesy of Ginger Waters

HI Design Commune was artfully curated with ropes that looked like sails.                                            Photos courtesy of Ginger Waters


Congratulations to Reise Kochi and the 19 designers who participated in HI Design Commune. I hope this was just the “First Monthly, First Seasonal or First Annual” event and there will be many more.

It’s a great way to shop. Meeting the designers is always an advantage. For example, I am in love with Rumi Murakami’s wonderful white shirt, my go-to shirt these days. It’s the best white shirt ever. On Saturday night she had it in navy but not in my size. My sister-in-law, Ginger Waters, lusted after the white shirt I love and is making arrangements to try it on later at Cut Collective. Mahalo to Ginger for shooting these photos for me!

One of Colleen Kimura's new designs from Tutuvi.

One of Colleen Kimura’s new designs from Tutuvi.

The fashion show was a lot of fun. Models walked all the way around the perimeter of the hanging racks so there were plenty of opportunities to check out the clothes up close and personal. A number of designers, including Colleen Kimura of Tutuvi (see above), introduced new summer collections. I love this graphic black-and-white print in a simple sundress. It would be really cute styled with a black long sleeved top under it too.

Elegance on the runway.

Elegance on the runway.

It was great to see Ari South! She is back designing, after helping other designers manufacture for a while. (She’s still doing this, but focusing more on her own collections.) Her draping is, as always, perfect. Gotta try her diaphanous cocoon jackets that are perfect for Honolulu nights.

Precious little furry bags by Farida Ong.

Precious little furry bags by Farida Ong.

Upstairs were accessories such as lovely little fluffy, furry evening bags by Farida Ong of Evening Invitation. So cute!

M33Ms jewelry was a stand-out. I had seen the jewelry of designer Emiko Miyazawa but hadn’t really understood how it worked. Well, watching rings transform through innovative movable, adjustable details made the functionality and versatility of the line come alive. Really creative!

M33Ms jewelry

M33Ms jewelry

The only problem with the evening was that it was so hot we didn’t feel like trying on clothing. But with the designers there, it was easy to make arrangements to try on at a later date, in a cooler place.

Maybe there should be a holiday HI Design Commune when the weather cools down?

– Paula Rath





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