June 15th, 2015 / posted by paularath
"First of the Season"

“First of the Season” by Paula Rath

I have returned to watercolor painting, which is the medium I began painting with about a dozen years ago. Honolulu Hale is holding a “Mango” event in July and invited artists form the Hawaii Watercolor Society to enter paintings into a show. Above is the painting I had accepted into the show.

"Ripe and Ready"

“Ripe and Ready” by Paula Rath

I was really enjoying living in a mango world so I ¬†painted two more mango paintings. I am going to enter “Ripe and Ready” into the Open Show of the Hawaii Watercolor Society.

The painting below, “Big Ol’ Mango” is a huge acrylic on canvas that is just for fun, exploring color to try to get the feeling of how a mango tastes.

"Big Ol' Mango"

“Big Ol’ Mango” by Paula Rath

Jerry surprised me by going totally abstract with his mango painting, which will also be seen in the Honolulu Hale show. He was capturing all the nuances of color in various varieties of mango, as well as the different colors mangoes take on as they go from green to ripe.


"Colors of Mangoes" by Jerry Mayfield

“Colors of Mangoes” by Jerry Mayfield


– Paula Rath

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Lynda Sakraida
June 16th, 2015 at 3:14 am

“Big Ol’ Mango” is my absolute favorite! And it most definitely looks good enough to eat!

Emilie Azeka
September 17th, 2015 at 10:47 pm

Aloha Paula,
So good to see you and Jerry traveling, having adventures, being present for one another. I love your mango and other watercolors you both have done. Your paintings have an innocence, as if you were seeing the mango for the first time, and allowing us to see it in that purity.Keep up the good work! Emi

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