May 26th, 2015 / posted by paularath
Mendenhall Glacier. Photo by Jerry Mayfield

Mendenhall Glacier. Photo by Jerry Mayfield

I just returned from a cruise to the Inside Passage of Alaska with my family. We sailed out of Seattle and out first port was Juneau, Alaska.

We took a bus to the National Forest to see the Mendenhall Glacier. Michael Modzelewski, the naturalist on board the Crown Princess, said this has been a terrible year for snow in Alaska. While they usually have 40 feet of snow, this year they had only 16.

For years I have heard of the glories of Mendenhall Glacier, and we could not have come to it on a more beautiful day. The sky was absolutely clear and the temperature was warm enough to remove jackets and sweaters.

My sister, Berta, and her husband, Jim Cullen, have done the Alaska cruise many times before, and they said the weather has never been this beautiful. They were great guides and helped us get around, often avoiding the biggest crowds.

Nuggett Falls, near Mendenhall Glacier

Nuggett Falls, near Mendenhall Glacier


We walked along the beach to Nuggett Falls, where we appreciated the cool spray from the enormous falls as it embraced us.

In the evening we had wine and pupus on my sister-in-law’s (Ginger Waters) veranda and saw three bald eagles circling the mountain! Ginger’s daughter, Lisa Hodges, was taking fabulous photos with their fancy camera and she will be sending them to me soon, so keep an eye out for them on this blog. She even got amazing photos of the eagles.

– Paula Rath

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