May 16th, 2015 / posted by paularath

Doug Jago Art Wall 1

As you can imagine, the passing of Doug Jago has been a tremendous blow to everyone at Neiman Marcus. The sadness and sense of loss are palpable.

Doug Jago NM Jackets

In inimitable good taste and Neiman Marcus style, the managers and employees have installed a beautiful display of some of Doug’s art, both paintings and fashions.

The work will be on display through May 31, so please go and see it whenever you can. The clothing and fashions can best be seen from the escalator between the first and second levels. Look to both the left and right as you are going up and down. The paintings can be seen in the area where Fine Associates always has a rotating gallery for its artists: Enter through the main entrance from the parking lot, turn right and you will be heading straight into a an alcove which is a treasure trove of Doug’s work.

Doug Jago wall 2

Doug was one of the most kind, gentle and generous people I have ever known. Please enjoy his lasting legacy, his fine art and fashions.

– Paula Rath


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