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Courtesy of Spinelli Kilcollin

Courtesy of Spinelli Kilcollin

There is a growing list of Honolulu-raised Punahou grads who are making it big in the highly competitive world of high end jewelry design.

To the names Bliss Lau (Bliss Lau, New York) and Misa Hamamoto (Misa, Los Angeles), now add Yves Spinelli (Spinelli Kilcollin, Los Angeles). Each of these talented designers has caught the attention of fashion media, stylists, It girls and celebrities.

Now Spinelli Kilcollin has hit the pages of both Vogue and Elle magazines.

I have known Yves since he was a little boy. He and my son, Duncan, have been friends since about second grade at Punahou.

It’s not surprising that Yves has a unique, eclectic personal style and great taste. He is, after all, the son of Ces and Antoine Spinelli, stylish owners of Antoine Salon and a couple of taste makers who are always on Honolulu’s Best Dressed lists.

A Spinelli Kilcollin bracelet in Vogue magazine.

A Spinelli Kilcollin silver linked bracelet in Vogue magazine, center bottom.

Although he studied jewelry design at Punahou, Yves always had a talent and proclivity toward music and he moved to L.A. with the idea of honing his musical skills. As a day job, he worked in luxury fashion at the iconic boutique, Maxfield. In the late 2000s, he worked his way up to manager of Maxfield Bleu, where he was able to get up close and personal with the world’s most exciting up-and-coming designers of clothing, accessories and jewelry.

Spinelli Kilcollin featured in four pages of a Vogue photo spread.

Spinelli Kilcollin featured in four pages of an Elle photo spread. See the rings on her left hand.

Yves yearned for clean, architectural jewelry, so in 2010 he decided to create his own collection. He began with a set of linked rings of different thicknesses which could be worn many different ways, either stacked or spread across several fingers. His friends and colleagues loved them and he began taking orders.

Another page in Elle's editorial featuring Spinelli Kilcollin.

Another page in Elle’s editorial featuring Spinelli Kilcollin linked rings and bracelets.

The first retailer to launch Spinelli Kilcollin was Maxfield. Now the line is carried in more than 20 luxury boutiques in the U.S. and Europe.

The sleek, minimalist, chic collection has caught fire.


Stylist David Vandewal of Elle clearly loves Spinelli Kilcollin's silver linked rings and bangles.

Stylist David Vandewal of Elle clearly loves Spinelli Kilcollin’s silver linked rings and bangles.

One might surmise that Yves has a well connected PR person working with him top pitch the fashion media, but no, he makes all the connections personally – or the fashion media discover Spinelli Kilcollin for themselves through friends and celebs.

Not surprising. It’s quite an eye-catching line amidst  the ornate jewelry we have been seeing in recent years. A sleek, chic addition to U.S. fashion…and it’s made in L.A.

Bravo, Yves!

– Paula Rath

Jewelry designer Yves Spinelli

Jewelry designer Yves Spinelli


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