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Lava fields in the afternoon.

Lava fields in the afternoon, painted at Volcano last month by   Paula Rath, $35

One of my favorite art shows of the year opens today at the ARTS at Marks and will run through August 10.

It’s called the Small Kine Show and it’s put on by the Hawaii Watercolor Society. The paintings have a maximum size of 80 square inches and they must be priced between $35 and $100. They are matted, not framed.

The Small Kine Show provides a perfect opportunity for beginning collectors to buy really inexpensive art or to purchase original art for a special someone.

Moonlight Over  Cadiz, Spain buy Jerry Mayfield, $35

Moonlight Over
Cadiz, Spain by Jerry Mayfield, $35

It’s best to get to the show early, as interior designers have learned about it. They sometimes come and buy up lots of paintings and then frame them with huge mats and sell them for wayyyyyy more.

It's All About Sex by Paula Rath, $40

It’s All About Sex by Paula Rath, $35

Wouldn’t these shoes make a great girlfriend gift or house warming gift for a fashion person? Ideal for a girl’s room or for the lucky gal who has a walk-in closet!

Barcelona by Jerry Mayfield, $35

Barcelona by Jerry Mayfield, $35

Mont St. Michel by Paula Rath, $35

Mont St. Michel by Paula Rath, $35

Come to Chinatown on Saturday between 10 a.m. and 1:30 p.m. and stop in at ARTS at Marks to say “hi.” I’ll be sitting the Small Kine Show that day. And, hey, isn’t it time for an ono manapua from Char Hung Sut or a cupcake from Let Them Eat Cupcakes? Hey, why not splurge, it’s the weekend!

– Paula Rath





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