June 24th, 2014 / posted by paularath
Photo by Paul Morgan

Photo by Paul Morgan

Paul Morgan sent me this terrific photo of our group painting with Tom Hoffmann in the lava fields. (That’s me in the beige hat sitting next to Jerry.)

It really captures the spirit of what we were doing. We hiked to this location with all our gear. Tom and Paul took great pains to find ideal locations for capturing the essence of what it is to be in Volcano with its many physical characteristics. The lava fields were a natural subject which really lend themselves to high contrast landscapes.

The palette  and mood varies so widely and the changing light, wind and rain make everything look new and different.

It was great having just five students because we each had a lot of personal interaction with Tom. (Of course Paul is missing from the photo, as he was behind the camera.)

Here’s the painting I did in the lava fields:

Paula lava fields painting

Jerry and I talked to Tom about offering a watercolor workshop in Honolulu next year. We are really hoping that can be worked out. Selfishly, we want to have more time and more lessons with him. But we also think many other Hawaii watercolor painters would appreciate him as much as we do.

– Paula Rath

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