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Hank's Stand nut section

Driving through Southern Georgia means pecan farms and cotton fields. Green and lush, there are also a sprinkling of dairy farms and cattle ranches. It’s really beautiful.

Throughout the South we have seen small towns that have clearly been ravaged by time- and the recession. It’s common to see half of Main Street Mississippi, Louisiana and Alabama shut down, with small businesses closing their doors. Many homes are simply deserted and left to the elements. Clearly this part of the world has been devastated by the economy.

But many farms prosper.

You can even buy little bags of just-picked cotton.

You can even buy little bags of just-picked cotton.

After passing miles and miles of pecan orchards, we were happy to find Mark’s Melon Patch, where we could buy pecans in all their yummy forms: pecan pie, pecan brittle, pecans coated with cinnamon and sugar (fabulous in salads)….oh, yes, we bought lots of pecans and what a treat! Of course there were also tons of peanuts and even some early peaches…and they smelled and tasted like peaches!

Mark's Melon Stand

Wish I could have brought home some of the preserves and the “cobbler mix,” with fruits all prepared for you. Yum!

– Paula Rath



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