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The Chains, who took Jerry to his cousin's home.

The Chains, who took Jerry to his cousin’s home.

This is an amazing tale of serendipity in Mississippi.

When Jerry was about 15 or 16 years old, he and his cousin, Mary Nell, took a bus from Mesilla Park, New Mexico, to Collins, Mississippi to visit relatives. (Jerry’s father’s family were originally farmers in Mississippi.) They were going to spend two weeks of summer there. They loved it so much they stayed for two months.

So of course Jerry wanted to revisit Collins and see if he could find any relatives still there. He walked up to a couple who were standing outside the Main Street Café in Collins and asked if they knew Melva Jean Rogers, who was married to his first cousin. “Oh yes, in fact we know her very well. She is our neighbor!” was the reply.

Jerry and Melva Jean Rogers.

Jerry and Melva Jean Rogers.

They got Melva Jean on the phone and Jerry spoke with her, and she wanted to see him. The nice folks, Doris and Charlie Chain, then  insisted on driving us to her home, where Jerry and Melva Jean spent the afternoon remembering family and past events.

How’s that for a coincidence!

– Paula Rath

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