April 11th, 2014 / posted by paularath

Spiderman demonstrated his web-slinging techniques for the keiki watercolor class at Palama Settlement yesterday.

We have learned that the keiki do their best paintings when they are engaged with the subject matter. Last session we had them working on entries to the Toyota “Paint Your Dream Car” competition. This session we are entering their paintings in Jelly’s Spiderman art contest. In order to provide them with a live model, my amazing husband, Jerry, dressed up as the Amazing Spiderman, much to everyone’s enjoyment.

Our watercolor students are mainly elementary school students from Likelike School. A few are younger or older siblings. About 90 percent of them are Chuukese, and proud of their heritage. They are fascinated when we introduce them to a new place or art form or concept.

Their real life experiences seem to be really limited, so we hope to be able to take them on field trips to places such as the Waikiki Aquarium, the zoo or the Honolulu Museum of Art. The outings will open their eyes to new environments and give them lots of subjects to paint.

It’s so gratifying that we have found some previously hidden artistic talent among these adorable Palama keiki. Mahalo to the Hawaii Watercolor Society, as well as our arts patron, Ginger Waters, for making theses classes possible.

– Paula Rath

The Palama Settlement keiki listen to the story of Spiderman before sitting down to paint the comic book hero.

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