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Our lovely hostess, Wendy, brought us breakfast en plein air, and it was a healthy oatmeal with fruits and nuts. I could make my own Peets coffee in the room at any time. Yum!

Jerry and I are on an adventure. We are spending five weeks going across the country via train and road. We began in Berkeley, CA and will end in Washington, D.C. on June 1. We have reservations in a few places, but mostly we will just wing it. We plan to visit family in Berkeley (Duncan will BART over from San Francisco to spend time with us) and Dallas, where Jerry’s sister lives, and friends in Reno.

We are taking the southern route and want to see a few specific places such as Savannah, GA, Alexandria, VA, the back roads of Appalachia, and Baton Rouge, LA, but we will mainly be footloose and fancy free.

Please come along with us on our travels. I will blog as often as possible and I promise lots of photos, along with art and fashion commentary.

Our trip began in Berkeley. We go so often to San Francisco that we thought it would be a nice change of pace to stay in Berkeley. We are closer to Jerry’s grandchildren (the triplets, Elliott, Emerson and Vienna) and it makes a nice change of pace for Duncan to BART across the Bay.

We stayed in a comfortable and picturesque B & B called The Brick Path. We loved it!

One of my favorite things to do in Berkeley is to wander 4th Avenue, where the shops are mainly owned by Berkeley individuals with their own point of view and eclectic taste. Of course there is also an Flight 001, Anthropologie and Paper Source, but those are among the best of the chain stores, don’t you think?


Jerry did two lovely paintings of the gardens at the Brick Path.

Our travels really seem to inspire Jerry to paint. It’s an added benefit of travel.

The triplets and their mom have moved to a beautiful town home in the hills of El Cerrito. They only have to cross the street to be in a rural mountain setting, complete with cows on the hills. So naturally we went for a woodsy walk down to the creek. I feel like an idiot that I didn’t take my phone to get photos. Sorry about that!

Entrance to the Brick Path B & B in Berkeley


One of my favorite things to do in life is to go to movies with my son, Duncan. He has devoted most of his life (personal and professional) to film and he has such amazing insights. We can easily go to a two-hour film and then spend two hours talking about it.

We went to a sort of old-fashioned and friendly little movie house called The Albany, after a yummy dinner of Salade Nicoise in a French Bistro next door. The bread was amazing and I always wish I could bring one of the Bay Area bread makers home with me to Honolulu.

So here’s our recommendation: Go see “The Lunchbox.”! We both thought it was one of the very best romantic films we have ever seen. The plot is clever and captivating and the acting is exemplary. The direction is subtle and understated and it really draws you into the characters’ lives. After you see it, please let me know what you thought about the ending. It is open to interpretation and Duncan and I viewed the ending quite differently from the way Jerry viewed it. What will you think about it?

Yesterday we took the Californian Zephyr, a beautiful train, from Emeryville, CA to Reno, NV, where we are visiting long time friends. I will process the snowy mountain photos and blog about the train trip soon.

Thank you for sharing my travels!

– Paula Rath


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Cheryl TIpton
April 28th, 2014 at 5:37 am

Looks like a great start to your trip. I’ll be following you!!!

May 4th, 2014 at 9:15 pm

Hi Paula
Love your post about your travels. I am familiar with the whole Bay Area and this post brought back so many memories for me…. all good.

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