April 29th, 2014 / posted by paularath

The Sierra Nevadas as seen from the train.
Shirley tosses golf balls down to me for Jerry.
The 15th hole at Lakeridge Golf Course.
A view of the lake from the golf course at Lakeridge,Reno.


We are having glorious weather today in Reno. It’s in the 50s and sunny. Jerry wanted to play golf  so I accompanied him on the golf course and it was such a pleasure. I guess I really do miss playing golf. Maybe it’s time to start playing again…

The two odd things about golf in Reno are the plethora of geese and marmots. Both are ubiquitous on the course. Cute but somewhat problematic for those who are trying to keep the course pristine. The marmots eat huge holes into everything – and also eat everything in sight, especially grass. The geese poop a lot and everywhere, but somehow they don’t seem to poop on the greens, which is great for the golfers.

There is one particularly spectacular hole on the Lakeridge course: #15. You can see it above. You have to hit down about 800 feet and avoid all that water.

There’s lots of water on the course and Jerry lost lots of balls. The balls were freebies because our friends Yil and Shirley Kuranel live on the 13th hole and find LOTS of balls in their yard. Jerry ran out of balls and Shirley stood on their balcony and tossed more balls to me to give to Jerry. Convenient course of balls, eh?

Back to our train trip on Saturday. A few views of the snowy Sierra Nevadas.

This is frustrating. I can’t seem to get the photos to go into the text in the right order. I apologize. This is a brand new laptop. I will try to see if I can get it right. And, if not, I will write long captions so the photos will at least be in the correct order!

– Paula Rath





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