March 31st, 2014 / posted by paularath

Fall, 2007

Spring, 2013

I just can’t get L’Wren Scott out of my mind. I have always admired her as a model, a stylist and a designer. There’s a certain purity to her approach that attracted me. I wished I could meet her, have a conversation with her. Now that can never happen.

Fall, 2012

Her clothes were never vulgar and often sexy. They were reserved and quiet (like her) and I always wished I could afford to buy a few pieces. To my taste, they were perfect.

It’s so terribly sad that the fashion industry seems to have crushed her, killing her spirit.

Spring, 2012

Fashion is an extremely tough business. I’ll never forget the loneliness I often felt in my Kakaako studio in my designing days in the late ’90s. In so many ways, fashion design is a solitary, and often lonely, pursuit. For those of us who harbor a lot of reserve, and perhaps even some shyness, it can be especially difficult.

Spring, 2012

Of course everyone thought Scott lived a charmed life, with her beauty and talent, not to mention Mick Jagger as her boyfriend. But who knows what she suffered when she realized her fashion business was no longer viable and Mick was on a concert tour on the other side of the world?  She must have felt so alone, and clearly desperate.

What a tragedy to lose so much talent, style and beauty. The world is a lesser place now that L’Wren Scott is no longer in it. Aloha ‘oe to an exquisite woman.

– Paula Rath

Spring 2014

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