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A great suit for Honolulu.

I just came from the press briefing at the new H&M store in the Waikiki Business Plaza (corner of Seaside and Kalakaua). Now this is a store I can really get excited about. H&M in San Francisco (the Powell Street store) is a regular haunt for me because I have worn and loved everything I ever bought there. In fact, I was wearing my H&M little Black Jacket today when Amanda Stevens took a photo of me with my trusty notebook  and camera phone talking to H&M’s PR person, Nicole.

Photo by Amanda Stevens

The Waikiki store is 31,000 square feet of light and airy retail space. The high ceilings and atrium make for a lovely, open feel.

H&M clearly thinks their Honolulu outpost is going to be a successful shopping venue for visitors and local folks alike. They have brought special sections, such as Lady’s Trends, to this store.

They have hired 160 people locally and they all seemed to be working feverishly in preparation for the opening party tomorrow (Wednesday) night and the opening of the store’s doors to the public on Thursday at noon.

The steamers are kept busy with the layered looks so popular for spring 2014.

There are so many mirrors to be polished! Many of the he mannequins are placed on mirrors so every time a visual merch person makes a change, there’s a potential smudge.

Here are a few of the trends H&M is forecasting for spring and summer: ruffles, stripes, off the shoulder, boxy tops, crop tops and bright colors such as yellow and pink.

When a new store opens, H&M offers early shoppers some Opening Offers at extremely low prices. I saw lots of racks for $5, $7 and $10.

The thing about H&M is that everything in the store is affordable. The most expensive item is a leather jacket for $160 but most items are way under that. Basics, which I would wear for workout or just kicking around, start at $5.95.

There are 160 in-house designers in Stockholm, Sweden, where H&M is based. They create distinct lines for specific ages and stages of life. And that goes for men too. I think H&M will be a treasure trove for local men. Their denim, dress shirts and even David Beckham underwear will be a welcome addition to the merch mix locally.

There’s a huge selection of denim for men and women – and look at that price.

H&M goes preppy for men also.

From belts and fedoras to nail enamel and faux leather collars – there are lots of accessories at H&M.

A plethora of belts.

This being Waikiki, one of my first questions: What is the parking situation? Nicole said there will be validated parking at the Waikiki Business Plaza and the Waikiki Shopping Center. It’s complimentary for the first three hours.

If you’ve never shopped in an H&M, I highly recommend you make a little trip to Waikiki. I’m pretty sure you’ll be glad you did!

– Paula Rath

I love this dress!

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March 26th, 2014 at 12:45 am

Looking forward to checking it out, maybe a few weeks in to let the crowd settle.

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