February 15th, 2014 / posted by paularath

Photo by Jerry Mayfield

This scene made Jerry and me laugh so I thought you might enjoy it too. It’s the line (of guys, natch) that went out the door at Honolulu Chocolate Company on Valentine’s Day afternoon.

I always love the way the owners of Honolulu Chocolate Company go all-out for every holiday. They decorate way over the top for Valentine’s, Easter, Halloween, Christmas – every holiday – they never miss a beat.

Want to curb your chocolate appetite but still enjoy a chocolate a day? A very pretty, slim and youthful friend of mine once told me her secret when I said I didn’t believe that she eats chocolate every day. Here’s what she does: she goes to Honolulu Chocolate Company and buys a dozen pieces of dark chocolate-dipped candied fruit (my fave is ginger) and eats one every afternoon at about 4:00 p.m. (her “danger time”) with a cup of tea. She loves it so much that just one will suffice. I found it works for me too!

If you go to Ward Centre, be sure to stop in at the Gallery at Ward Centre. There’s a beautiful show of the latest indigo work by Darius Homayounpour. There’s also a lovely blue-and-white collection of ceramics by Esther Nowell, who I believe is about 94 now – and still teaching ceramics!

And of course the beautiful one-of-a-kind bags by Lynda Sakraida of Hadji Baba Bags. If you discover a bag that makes your heart sing – buy it right away. They often sell really fast and she’ll never make another one like it.

– Paula Rath

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