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Fashion illustration by Lanitta Makarova

There are countless reasons to learn how to sew. Perhaps the top one is that, in this time of same-old, same-old clothing, it’s refreshing to wear something no one else has. And how can you better express your personal style than to make it yourself?
Or perhaps you’re dying to imitate something you saw someone wearing and don’t know where to start?
Or you’d love to create handmade gifts such as place mats or aprons, but don’t know a straight seam from a zigzag?
Or you’re totally inspired by “Under the Gunn” and want to follow along by making your own creations while watching the on air designers struggle?
DIY is not just a trend, it’s a way of life. Embrace it and learn to sew.
Sewing is a skill every child should try. Maybe it will “take” and maybe not. But it really ought to be introduced as an option.

Uakea teaching a child to sew.

Now there’s a class and a teacher to get you – or a child you know – started with sewing:
Uakea of ME+U is offering sewing lessons at the Art Explorium located at 1132 D Koko Head Avenue in Kaimuki.
ME+U offers sewing lessons for the life-long learner (ages 6+) to engage creativity through sewing.  Uakea’s fun and modern approach to teaching utilizes her wealth of knowledge from online tutorials written by contributing artists everywhere. She’ll guide you step-by-step through simple or complex projects that incorporate the skills, vocabulary, and techniques needed to complete projects.
Find more information and register at:  http://artexplorium.org/meanduhawaii/
Uakea will be starting a new round of DIY Sewing 101 adult series (4 classes total, $225 per student) in March every Wednesday morning from 9:30am-12:30pm and Friday evening from 5:30-8:30 p.m.  She will also have private lessons, group lessons, and open studio time available every Wednesday and Friday.  If you have questions, please email  byuakea@gmail.com
– Paula Rath

The materials alone can provide inspiration for new styles and uses of color. And the sense and sound of the machine as its whizzes along can be mesmerizing.

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