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February 2014
Posted on February 6th, 2014 by paularath

For those suffering from osteoarthritis, it’s especially difficult to stick with a healthy exercise routine. Hey, it often hurts! Those aching hips and knees make anything high intensity or high impact kapu. Arthritis in the neck and back can make a squat or push up seem impossible. Even that pesky problem so many women in
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Posted on February 4th, 2014 by paularath

Sometimes it’s really hard to part with something you have lovingly made with your hands. When interviewing Bay Area textile designer Karin Moggridge, we were talking about the pleasure of having our hands on treasured fabrics and feeling the sensation, the almost sensual pleasure, of the needle going in and out of the fibers on
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Posted on February 2nd, 2014 by paularath

Carolina Herrera is among my favorite designers. Her feminine, classic, sophisticated aesthetic has always appealed to me. Her crisp white shirt over a long skirt ┬áis among the most iconic of evening looks. So I’m happy to report that CH Carolina Herrera has just opened its first Hawaii boutique, in Ala Moana Shopping Center, Mall
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Posted on February 1st, 2014 by paularath

There are some really classic categories of Valentine’s Day gifts. Among them: lingerie, fragrance, flowers and chocolates. If a guy goofs on flowers or chocolates, it’s not that big a deal. But a boo-boo with lingerie or fragrance can be a costly, and sometimes even disastrous, blow to a relationship. So if you think your
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