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Layers of white look fresh right now.

What looks fresh and fashion forward for spring 2014? That would be the crisp white shirt. Or, better yet, layers of crisp white, from a skinny pant to a tank to a chic shirt or feather weight leather jacket.

That’s my take on the spring trends and it was seconded by Neiman Marcus Ala Moana on their spring runway Wednesday evening. Whether it’s a waist-high laser-perforated crop top or a white cotton button-down with tails, white is just right. If you can only afford one new investment piece this season, make it a chic white shirt. Tuck it in or wear it out. Layer it or go it alone. Pair it with a pencil skirt. shorts, jeans or print leggings.

Architectural shapes are natural in white.

Lucy Chelini, Merchandise Manager for Neiman Marcus Ala Moana, gave the audience a welcome note regarding shoes: We’re to get relief from those killer stilettos in a shoe she’s calling the “city sandal,” with a thicker and more forgiving heel and height. Better yet, every designer’s spring collection includes a pair of sneakers!

Lucy said pink is the new orange for spring, but of course orange still looks really great. Colors are saturated, not pale and pastel, which will be much more flattering on island women.

Iridescence is in, especially on accessories –  but we’ll also see it in clothes. Collars, cuffs and plackets may take a shine.

Pink is hot in solids and prints.

Pinks are huge, from head to toe and in prints or solids. Not a pink kinda girl? Forego a pink outfit and try a pink lipstick or blush.

Here’s the NM Spring 2014 list of top ten trends, with my mini-take on them:

  1. Artistic prints – engineered prints are amazing due to new technologies
  2. Pinks – from scarves to shoes, the hotter the better
  3. The pink lip – whether it’s ’60s pale or ’80s fuchsia
  4. Summer booties – lots of straps and cut-outs take booties from fall to summer
  5. Short stories – tops are cropped and shorts are, well, short
  6. White with black -start with white and add a splash of black
  7. Layered bracelets – cuffs worn on both wrists, Wonder Woman style, or stacks of bangles
  8. Shirt chic – longer in the back than the front and left out to wave in the breeze
  9. Denim on denim – Kenzo has created an amazing textile with several shades and textures of denim on one really cool dress
  10. Backpacks – for men and women, looming large again

This black bodice is crocheted!

There was only one gown on the runway and it featured a simple crocheted bodice in black over a Grecian flowing white skirt. Easy to wear and fun to accessorize.

– Paula Rath


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